“Building trust with your dog and then overcoming stressful behaviors comes from a place of understanding. There is beauty in the patience it takes to get to that place… And from that understanding comes breakthroughs and strengthened relationships.” – Maria


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Welcome To Dog Matters

We serve dogs and the people that love them by designing individualized, science-based behavior modification programs for a range of behavioral issues.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients and their owners move forward together, not only equipped with the tools needed to be successful at achieving expected goals, but in a way that deepens the important bond between them.


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Our Services

Due to the Washington Stay-at-home order all initial consultations will be conducted via video chat. Please see our virtual consultations link for more information.

Behavior Modification Programs

Aggression & Reactivity

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs, people, bikes or cars? It is not only a stressful situation for you, but also for your dog that can spoil your walks and outdoor activities.

Separation anxiety

Does your dog pace, whine or bark when you leave her alone? Do you come home to destruction or continuous accidents?

Other behavior problems

Does your dog bark in excess or jump on people? Is she fearful or anxious, afraid of loud noises, storms or fireworks?

Virtual Modification Plans

In-home consultations are the best option for accurate observation and evaluation of issues. However, in those cases where you are more than two hours away from Seattle, we are successful at providing virtual modification plans.  PLEASE NOTE: This type of consultation is not available for bite cases.


Legal Cases

We can provide an expert legal witness for criminal, civil, and Dangerous Dog proceedings.


Additional Services

Dog training

It does not matter if you are looking for the basics, a refresher or a specific trained cue, we can create a personalized program for you.

  • Basics: sit, come, stay, target, loose leash walking
  • Advanced: Settle, leave it, drop it (and all the above with increased distance and distractions)
  • Specialized: Nail trimming, grooming, stay still for medical procedures (vaccinations, eye drops, etc.) or anything you need.

Pet Selection

Choosing the right puppy or adult dog is very important in building a successful, forever relationship. To help you find the best dog for you, we start with understanding your lifestyle and living arrangements, followed by your expectations and goals.


Contact Us

100% refund is available for cancellations notified 7 days prior to the session
50% refund is available for cancellations notified 3 days prior to the session
Rescheduling is available within 30 days of the first scheduled session
For packages, a pro-rated refund is available for unused sessions starting after 2 days of cancellation and after charging the non-package rate for the used sessions.
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