Aggression & Reactivity

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs, people, bikes or cars? It is not only a stressful situation for you, but also for your dog that can spoil your walks and outdoor activities.

In order to transform your walks from mayhem to a pleasant time shared with your dog, we provide intensive, personalized modification programs that we’ll walk you through every step of the way:


  • Evaluation – We will observe you and your dog in the place the behavior occurs
  • Report & Protocol Delivery – You will receive a detailed assessment  report and a behavior modification plan including step-by-step protocols
  • Sessions & Ongoing Support –  Together, we will work through the modification protocols to achieve our set goals


  • Initial evaluation (1.5-2h): $300
  • Follow-up sessions (1h): $125
  • Behavior Modification Package (Initial evaluation + 3 1h sessions): $650
  • Coaching Package (Initial evaluation + 5 1h sessions): $875

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