Additional Services

While our focus at Dog Matters is behavior modification, our passion to serve dogs and their owners doesn’t end there. We are also happy to provide basic and advanced dog training, pet selection services, expert witness services and more!

Dog Training

It does not matter if you are looking for the basics, a refresher or a specific trained cue, we can create a personalized program for you.

  • Basics: sit, come, stay, target, loose leash walking
  • Advanced: Settle, leave it, drop it (and all the above with increased distance and distractions)
  • Specialized: Nail trimming, grooming, stay still for medical procedures (vaccinations, eye drops, etc.) or anything you need.


  • Initial consultation:$150/h
  • Short-Term Training package (5 sessions):$500
  • Long-Term Training package (10 sessions):$900

Pet Selection

Choosing the right puppy or adult dog is very important in building a successful, forever relationship. To help you find the best dog for you, we start with understanding your lifestyle and living arrangements, followed by your expectations and goals. Then the exciting part… We find a dog that is a perfect match for you and begin the training process!


  • Initial consultation:$150/h
  • 4-week support program (4h of email/phone/video chat support): $325
  • 8-week support program (8h of email/phone/video chat support): $600

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