Dog Matters’ philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Holistic, Collaborative Care
  • Science-based, Force-Free Behavior Modification
  • Dog/Owner Empowerment & Bonding


Holistic, Collaborative Care

Modifying behavioral issues requires looking at the whole picture. This includes your dog’s environment, temperament, physical health, and caregivers’ management techniques. We work closely not only with you, the dog’s owner, but with your family, your veterinarian, dog-walker, sitter, or groomer to ensure consistent intervention and management.

Science-Based, Force-Free Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification programs follow science-based principles which have shown that harsh, forceful methods are not effective and are, in most cases, detrimental. We strive to think outside the box to offer force-free individualized programs that take into account your dog’s temperament and your goals.

Dog/Owner Empowerment & Bonding

While it’s possible we won’t always know the reasons behind a behavioral concern, empowering owners with knowledge of dog communication and learning patterns helps to rebuild and repair rifts in the human-animal bond. Additionally, providing the dog with options and the freedom to choose will improve their success and response, thus reinforcing patience, trust, respect, and kindness, the pillars of a productive relationship with your dog.


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