I adopted my dog Frito in May 2018. She was a rescued feral dog from Iran who had survived serious] injury and Parvo before the age of one. Her difficult past resulted in her being extremely fearful of almost everything and her response when afraid was to bite. I was desperate and reached out to Maria Muradas for help. Maria saved us. She came out and evaluated Frito and then started to educate me, helping me to understand what Frito was reacting to and how to help her adjust to her new life. Maria gave us a series of exercises to work on, meeting with us periodically to assess our progress, discuss challenges and revise our game plan as we made progress. Maria worked with us for a year, helping Frito to overcome her fears and myself to understand what it is that Frito needs and how to best work with her. Frito and I have come a long way and we owe that to Maria and a lot of hard work.